• "QQUENCH makes brands out of products" 

    What your brand projects is the only sizzle and twinkle that will draw consumers to your venture. This is what we strive to achieve for our clients – A real connect with your consumers that goes beyond just the ‘give and take’ and actually opens up avenues for long lasting professional relationship. We also establish the brand as a whole and not as a perishable entity in the industry, QQUENCH works tirelessly for it because this is the foremost stage of brand building and we tend to conquer this process, always!

    We design brand strategy by positioning the brand for market leadership and re-establishing brand relevance. We lend our brains in building your brand portfolio in maximizing investment and growth. Qquench has always believed in translating brands into consumer experiences through designing strategies and we consistently proffer the same.

    We manage the tangible and intangible characteristics of brand. It is our very special Qquench marketing mix that identifies brand viability. Our notion of branding is to convey the brand message for creating customer loyalty, persuading the buyer for the product, and establishing an emotional connectivity with the consumers.

    We at QQuench work, day in and day out to distinguish your brand from others. Your brand undergoes the entire process of laying the foundation of identity with a vision to build wings for your business. We build functional associates with the product that go beyond ‘the reasons to buy’; we truly express your brand.

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    We begin our projects by understanding you and your work. You always have a full access to our working system; we need a key to yours! We assess what works for you — and what doesn’t. If you already have equity, we build on it. At, QQUENCH we literally scratch our brains to start from the scratch because we firmly believe that if beginnings are strong then the outcome is always stronger. 

    We think about Why’s and How’s of what you want to say. Having an in depth knowledge on marketing offers a huge scope to our brand research methodology and this methodology is then depicted through our design. This huge research thing gets us thinking and eventually leads us to writing successful brand stories.

    We start by creating a design strategy and everything has to make sense right from the beginning. Once we have a real, integral strategy collated with the media, only then we start creating work. Passion for design is truly an understatement because we consider design to oxygen! During the creative journey that covers the departure from a great copy to typography to photography and is then anchored at the ‘destination illustration’, we make sure all the way that, viable and vivid communication is projected whilst keeping design at the forefront. We use the medium and the message to connect. And to add on that, we are great open-minded listeners but we also tend to maintain the transparency at every step hence we speak out confidently.

    Our design expertise –

    Logo Design
    Logo designing demonstrates an ability to craft something distinctive in a confined space. Logo is the unique typographic voice to your brand; a visual metaphor and we juggle with whole lot of ideas when it comes to finding the right metaphor.

    Right packaging makes a right influence on the purchasing decisions of the consumers. It’s said that, ‘Never judge a book by? its cover!’ Well, brands are all about covers, and first impressions do count when it comes to packaging. It's our job to portray and represent you brands with the required positioning and zest so that they stand out in the marketplace. At Qquench, we make packaging bestsellers!

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  • Qquench provides eLearning services and products with over 15 years of award winning experience. Our product Sensiblearning is a collection of a themed marketplace, where we sell elearning templates developed using Articulate Storyline 2. These templates are aesthetically designed to accommodate various layouts used in the elearning coursewares. We also build customized eLearning. For more details please contact us.

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  • “Print advertising is not dead, it is re-inventing itself!” Our experience extends beyond?
    just branding or design; it encompasses a host of print mediums.
    We take comfort in working? within your brand guidelines and also when we are creating them. Print design is about effectiveness.
    It is a collaborative effort; we work with our client and not for them in order to deliver the best for the brief. We bring our age-old charm, drive and creative energy to? the table, regardless the scale of the project. 

    Check out the scales at which we can work!
    • Banners • Billboards Design • Interior
    • Magazine Design • Newspapers • Posters Advert Design

    We accessorize the content and subject matter with visual gimmicks, design and engaging copy. Our brochures tend to be buck-makers as they get the consumers started for their purchasing journey!
    • Brand Books • Business Brochures • Company Brochures • Event Guides • Product Brochures

    Business Stationery
    Creating the right impression is essential for your business, and having well-designed, high quality business stationery is one of the crucial ways and a vital stepping stone. For us, business stationery is an ice -breaker and a significant bit of corporate identity. We take this job mighty seriously and having said that, offer coherent designing solutions to the stationery.

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  • QQUENCH transforms brands through combining creativity with technology and delivering results. We provide a kind of an experience for digital consumers through utilizing the scope of digital media. We are a full service digital creative with the industry knowledge and expertise to bring you transformation of advertising and marketing mediums. 

    Digital Marketing
    We know how to drive informed traffic to your business.
    We can help you develop the appropriate strategy through SEO, PPC, SEM, CRO regardless of your industry or audience. At Qquench, we are constantly wired in with the digital community and follow the latest digital trends to adapt the same when it comes to digital marketing. For us, the core components are ROI and integration of strategy with our digital marketing plan. This is how we digitally drive the brand.

    Here are some ‘straight from the digital oven’ services:
    • Digital Strategy:
    • SEO strategy
    • Social Media
    • PPC Campaigns
    • Online Advertising Campaigns
    • Content Creation
    • E-MAIL marketing
    • Analytics and Reporting

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  • Impress your audience with awesome presentations! 

    Qquench designs presentations within the company’s brand guidelines and comes up with seamless designs and data structure exclusively to impress your audience.

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