Tom - Lead Creative Head
Tom is a ‘known’ brainer! The one who kicks off the creative sessions for a campaign and supervises the same till it is all set to hit the market and even after that. He is the one who strictly follows the rule of ‘conception to completion’. As a creative head, he believes in developing creative programs and design concepts that meet the business objectives which eventually help in the enhancement of brand strategy.


Dick - Brand Manager
Dick is our very own Marketing ‘mixologist’! He is the one who coherently develops marketing strategies and implements it rather effectively . His aim is to oversee and increase the brand exposure along with managing our vast database. He is the one who effortlessly liaises with the support - management team and strives to QQUENCH it the best for you.


Harry – Web Developer
Harry is our tech ‘SAVIOUR’! Other than English, he can work or script in a range of other languages and we mean, programming languages. He is the one who designs the fluid functionality of our creativity that often goes bonkers. He decides on the best technologies and languages that make bestselling projects. He is a great ‘bug fixer’ and definitely the first one who stays up to date with technology.


Juily Gite – Director
Juily is the QQUENCH honcho. She is the who runs the family with utmost enthusiasm, patience and passion for work. A ‘go getter’ at heart, she is responsible for maintaining great client relations and devising superlative marketing techniques to make a difference for the brands we work for. Juily always emphasizes on establishing a win-win situation and that has surely worked a great deal for QQUENCH’s progress.