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To Make Your Life Easier – Is Our Top Priority

We are driving crazy with each and every design we work on.

Every design is a Miracle at Qquench!

Qquench delivers fresh baked, fiery and contagious ideas that help in preparing the brand cuisine and cuts through the noise. We believe in initiating communication that strikes interest, popularity and engagement. Our philosophy is built on a culture of creativity, innovation, practice and loving what we do!

We are all about evolving the brand from inside out, one that gives you best of the returns, one that is built on a well-researched brief and one that takes the ‘non’ out of sense when it comes to exaggerations and trash talking for branding.
So, why not get on our brand wagon? It’s about time that we QQUENCH it up for you! Hop On!

  • Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress;
    working together is success.

    Henry Ford
    Henry Ford, Industrialist
  • Design is not just what it looks like and feels like,
    design is how it works.

    Steve Jobs
    Steve Jobs, Businessman
  • Creativity is inventing experimenting growing taking risks breaking rules
    making mistakes and having fun.

    Mary Lou Cook
    Mary Lou Cook, Actress
  • Creativity is contagious,
    pass it on.

    Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein, Theoretical Physicist
  • Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen,
    and thinking what no one else has thought.

    Biz Stone
    Biz Stone, Co-Founder of Twitter

SELECT, FILL and SEND! Yes, it’s that easy

Our ‘Qquenchers’ will get back to you with a range of concepts and super awesome solutions. On your feedback, we will get things moving from there. All you have to do is SELECT and let us do all the wiggly work!


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Tom - Lead Creative Head
Tom is a ‘known’ brainer! The one who kicks off the creative sessions for a campaign and supervises the same till it is all set to hit the market and even after that. He is the one who strictly follows the rule of ‘conception to completion’. As a creative head, he believes in developing creative programs and design concepts that meet the business objectives which eventually help in the enhancement of brand strategy.


Dick - Brand Manager
Dick is our very own Marketing ‘mixologist’! He is the one who coherently develops marketing strategies and implements it rather effectively . His aim is to oversee and increase the brand exposure along with managing our vast database. He is the one who effortlessly liaises with the support - management team and strives to QQUENCH it the best for you.


Harry – Web Developer
Harry is our tech ‘SAVIOUR’! Other than English, he can work or script in a range of other languages and we mean, programming languages. He is the one who designs the fluid functionality of our creativity that often goes bonkers. He decides on the best technologies and languages that make bestselling projects. He is a great ‘bug fixer’ and definitely the first one who stays up to date with technology.


Juily Gite – Director
Juily is the QQUENCH honcho. She is the who runs the family with utmost enthusiasm, patience and passion for work. A ‘go getter’ at heart, she is responsible for maintaining great client relations and devising superlative marketing techniques to make a difference for the brands we work for. Juily always emphasizes on establishing a win-win situation and that has surely worked a great deal for QQUENCH’s progress.


  • "QQUENCH makes brands out of products"  What your brand projects is the only sizzle and twinkle that will draw consumers to your venture. This is what we strive to achieve for our clients – A real connect with your consumers that goes beyond just the ‘give and take’ and actually opens up avenues for long lasting professional relationship. We also establish the brand as a whole and not as a perishable entity in the industry, QQUENCH works tirelessly for it because this is the foremost stage of brand building and we tend to conquer this process, always!

  • QQUENCH ACCESS to ASSESS We begin our projects by understanding you and your work. You always have a full access to our working system; we need a key to yours! We assess what works for you — and what doesn’t. If you already have equity, we build on it. At, QQUENCH we literally scratch our brains to start from the scratch because we firmly believe that if beginnings are strong then the outcome is always stronger. 

  • Qquench provides eLearning services and products with over 15 years of award winning experience. Our product Sensiblearning is a collection of a themed marketplace, where we sell elearning templates developed using Articulate Storyline 2. These templates are aesthetically designed to accommodate various layouts used in the elearning coursewares. We also build customized eLearning. For more details please contact us.


  • “Print advertising is not dead, it is re-inventing itself!” Our experience extends beyond? just branding or design; it encompasses a host of print mediums. We take comfort in working? within your brand guidelines and also when we are creating them. Print design is about effectiveness. It is a collaborative effort; we work with our client and not for them in order to deliver the best for the brief. We bring our age-old charm, drive and creative energy to? the table, regardless the scale of the project. 

  • QQUENCH transforms brands through combining creativity with technology and delivering results. We provide a kind of an experience for digital consumers through utilizing the scope of digital media. We are a full service digital creative with the industry knowledge and expertise to bring you transformation of advertising and marketing mediums. 

  • Impress your audience with awesome presentations!  Qquench designs presentations within the company’s brand guidelines and comes up with seamless designs and data structure exclusively to impress your audience.